Control anything, everywhere!

The management of people and devices. It allows to know the location, in the case of people, and to receive information of IOT devices for the execution of actions through dynamic notifications according to the needs of each client showing operative and executive boards for decision and action making.

Some great benefits

Cold custody

Manage the cold custody of refrigerators in selling or storage points.

Better management

Manage the movement of merchandise inside a warehouse for the assortment of the assembly area with a board with assortment alerts.


Video surveillance

It can be applied for the management of video surveillance systems by exception, facilitating the work and attention of the monitoring areas.

Any IOT device

It can be applied to any IOT device, allowing to know with notifications the conditions of operation and generation of necessary actions for its attention.

Control your people

It can be applied for the control of staff attendance, as well as the attendance and permanence in supervision and follow-up roles.

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