The ideal complement for your satellite tracking.

Much more than a tracking system

The system TRM T1 is the ideal tool for making travel management and live unit tracking efficient.

What makes us different from other software?

Powerful filter

Active monitoring that allows decision making in situations or incidents of high or medium risk, allowing the administration of monitoring by type of cargo or fleet

Custom alerts

Management of notifications and alerts.

No boundaries

A minimum of units is not required.

Big Brother

Ideal for companies that have or wish to have a control tower or monitoring area.

Get the big picture

Logbook per trip. It allows the evaluation of the attention and operation of operators and monitorists, among others.

Easy integration

Integration of data by: templates, webservice or one-to-one registration.

Beautiful interface

Operative and executive boards with diverse numerical indicators, graphs by colorimetry that facilitate the detection and warning of alerts.

Total control

A fundamental tool for the management of planning and indicators.

Tracking by exception

Improve the efficiency and reaction time of a monitoring device while tracking, solely by exception, travels.

UI/UX redesigned

Better, faster,

stronger interface!

We, at DOGO, have improved the design of the user interface, so that you can experience TRM at full in an intuitive way. TRM T1 Shipping is better than ever!

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